A shop for your feline family members. Toys & healthy treats your kitty will love. 

In 2013 I adopted my first cat, Ziggy. I was always shopping for toys and healthy treats for him, that not only he would like but that I felt safe giving him. A short year later, I adopted Marley. I own another small business and noticed both Ziggy and Marley loved playing in my box of crinkle paper and just like that the "CatBox" was born. I soon started hiding their favorite toys thru-out and they LOVED digging thru and "hunting" for them. I also noticed they never seemed to tire of playing in it. FINALLY a toy they played with for more than 10 minutes! If you own a cat you know how finicky they can be when it comes to things like this. I adopted Steven in the Spring of 2016 and he instantly claimed the "CatBox" as his! In the Fall, I was encouraged to open an Etsy site to share these with fellow cat lovers! In the middle of arranging everything we got the devastating news that Marley had severe Lymphoma and was given days to live. We made the toughest decision to put him to sleep. Tho I was absolutely heart broken, Marley loved his box especially toward the end, that was his go to spot to take naps and rest. I want every kitty to love their box the way Marley did. In my heart I dedicated this business to Marleys memory and hope kitty everywhere will have spot to call their own. Slowly but surely, we have extended our range of items for sale! With more to come in the future, we hope that your kitty loves the toys, treats and love as much as Ziggy, Marley and Steven do! xoxo