Kitten Season... sounds made up but its a real thing. Just look at all the shelters, theyre full and in desperate need of fosters. Do you have a bathroom or dining room you can spare to help get tiny orphaned kittens out of the cold cages they'd be destined to? If it werent for fosters opening their homes to newborns, kittens and yound adults there would be so many more cats euthanized each year. 

Did you know that approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats) each year solely do to lack of fosters and lack of space at shelters? Ive been fostering 5 kittens that Ive nicknamed the kitty cow crew. Ive never fostered before, im not super experienced and so far ive made it thru. They just got spayed and neutered last week and they are now in search of their forever homes. Its been about 5 weeks that they have been with me and let me tell you the amount of happiness and joy they bring you is just uncomparable. Yes, it is a lot of work but its so rewarding. To see these tiny, scrawny, emaciated kittens become happy playful kittens with full bellies is beyond anything I can descirbe. To know that I'm the reason they are alive and thriving and going to have warm homes, not living on the street with animal and human predators around every corner. Cars whizzing by, starving, digging thru trashcans to find some remnant of food. Never knowing love and affection. The thought that so many have that reality just breaks my heart. Please PLEASE if you can spare some time, love and space volunteer to be a foster. Please locater a local shelter and ask them how you can help. Maybe you cant foster but can you go volunteer to help feed the kitties, scoop litter boxes or interact with the kitties. They also could use help at their adoption events. Bottom line they need help!! 

If your in the market for a new pet please consider adopting an animal in need and not from a breeder. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CAT TO BECOME PREGNANT!! DO NOT ADD TO THE PANDEMIC OF STRAY AND FERAL CATS!! 

If you have a pet and they arent spayed or neutered please follow this link to locate a low cost spay/ neuter clinic near you.