Do you drink tap water? Most of us dont becasue we are aware of the chemicals in it, but many dont stop to think about their pet and giving them tap water. Its a natural inclination to just hold their water bowl up to the faucet to clean and refill. I use a pet drinking fountain from PetSafe called the Pagoda, while i fill it with filtered water, it also contains a carbon filter to help cyphen out any residual things that may be in the water.

In this article we are going to go thru some of the main reasons I beg people to give their pets filtered water. 

Here is an exerpt taken from regarding the matter:

Recently, an article published by the Associated Press (AP) exploited the presence of several drugs in drinking water from various locations around the country. According to the AP, they tested water that supplies over 41 million Americans during a 5-month survey. The residue of several drugs including both nonprescription drugs and prescription drugs were found.

Nonprescription drugs such as Tylenol and ibuprofen as well as prescription drugs such as sex hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants, and other drugs have been found in the water at several water facilities across the country. Of the 62 water sources, 28 were tested. Of those, 25 of the 28 tested positive for drug residue including 24 large metropolitan areas. Some tested positive for multiple drugs.

The amounts of drug residue in the water were very small and much less than a therapeutic dose of medication but this raised concern regarding the safety of the water. Is the water safe to drink? What happens with consumption of the water over time? The water utility companies claim this water is safe. The U.S. government does not have requirements for safe drug levels in the water. 

While the long term effects of the chemicals and medications present in our dirinking water are unknown, why risk it? Water filtration options are everywhere. From a simple attachment to your faucet, water pitchers, water bottles and whole home filtration systems are available everywhere. Costco, amazon, target you name it! Please consider not giving your pet tap water which could potentially lead to health problems in the long term. 

Below is the 2017 City of Fountain Valley Drinking Water Quality Report. Every city usually will mail one to you or you can access it on your cities website. What you see may really shock you!! I highly reccomend looking up yours and googling what each chemical is. I have never drank tap water always filtered but once i saw this i stopped cooking with tap water also!