I often get questions on products people see in my Instagram posts. How I like it, where to buy it from, how much it was. I've complied a list of my top 10 favorite things, why I love them, and where to buy them from. I'm not paid by any of these manufacturers, these are just my recommendations and opinions. Happy browsing! Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

1- SmartCat Litter $9.99-$29.99

I have used a number of litters and just wasnt that thrilled with any of them. I used Naturally Fresh the longest. It is a walnut shell based litter, it clumped well controlled odor for the most part but because of its natural red tinge it left a red dust on EVERYTHING. I was given a coupon at my local pet supply for another litter called Cats Incredible, I went home to check out the reviews and stumbled upon a rather unique review. She said she loved this litter and used it as her back when she wasnt able to get her SmartCat Litter. I immediately googled this one and it had outstanding reviews and was 100% natural, made from organically grown grass. Not typically available in stores (very limited Petco locations have it) I happened to check their product locater and found that a near by Petco carried it, and they had 1 small bag left. I went home and started the transition process per the instructions on the bag. I am beyond thrilled with the odor control and clumping capabilities. It does track around the litter boxes but what litter doesnt?!

You can find SmartCat at the 3 following retailers:




2- Neko Flies Wand $9.00-$75.00

This is a really great interactive toy! I use this to tire out my resident kitties as well as my fosters when I'm going to bed. Helps get them on my sleep schedule... kind of. Its also great to get an over weight kitty (hmm. Steven.. hmm) to move and encourage exercise. You can get them to do flips and fly thru the air. Has good range of motion so you can move them around while you sit on the couch.

You can find Neko Flies at the following retailer:


also available on amazon from various sellers

3- PetNet SmartFeeder $149.99

This SmartFeeder is great for so many reasons! The main one being, if you have a cat that tends to over eat this is a really great tool to help them limit their intake and lose a few ounces. You can control the portions dispensed and what times. The second reslly great thing is that this is all controlled by wifi and their app, if you often get home late from work, are forced to work late nights at the office or have a busy social calendar this is for you!! you can stick in some extra feeds if you are running late for whatever reason and need to feed your dog or cat!

You can find the SmartFeeder at the 3 following retailers:




4- Samsung SmartCam $79.00-$99.00

If you have animals or fosters you know how important it is for you to be around to care for them and keep them company. We all have work and lives so being home isnt always an option. This is a great tool to check in on things and make sure all is ok. I have 3 of these cameras thru-out my house and not only are they great security cameras they really give you peace of mind to know everything is safe and sound. 

You can find Samsung Smartcams at the following retailer:


5- NoBowl Interactive Feeding System $19.99-$39.99

Its no surprise that cats LOVE to stalk their prey and hunt for it. These are a great tool to encourage that natural behaviour. Simply fill each mousey with 1-2 scoops of their favorite dry food and maybe 1 with their favorite treat and place strategically around your home. Keeps your kitty busy and happy! Steven loves these, and I usually fill them up for him each night before I go to bed. 

You can find the NoBowl Feeding System at the following retailer:


6-Litter Genie $17.99

I dont know how I survived before investing (YES INVESTING) in one of these bad boys!! Gone are the days of finding a bag to put waste in and running down to the trash 'cuz who wants that in their house!? If you have/had a baby and had a diaper genie.. same concept. you simpy scoop your litter box, dump into the litter genie and pull the lever to release the waste into the chamber below. depending on how many cats you have its can take up to 3 weeks for the chamber to get full. Check out the video on how this works. I LOVE IT!!! 

You can find the Litter Genieat the following retailers:



7- PetSafe Pagoda Water Fountain $79.95

Cats are not naturally drawn to water so keeping them hydrated is really important. Cats do prefer moving water, I guess they know naturally that its probably cleaner water. Not to mention, this  is a HUGE time saver. No more running to the kitchen to refill water bowls. Place this self filtering fountain in a central location in your house or your kitties main go to spot. It has a charcoal filter in it, however, I still recomend filtered water. I throw in a couple icecubes on those really hot days!! Additional filters can be purchased in your local Petco or Petsmart however they are cheaper on Amazon!

You can find the PetSafe Pagoda Fountain at the following retailer:


8- AskAriel Power Probiotics $29.75

Anyone who follows my boys on Instagram (sweetbabysteven) know all the tummy troubles that Ziggy has had. I switched them from Fancy Feast (very bad ingrediants and fillers) to a more natural food. He soon started having some real poopy, tummy problems. After many many vet visits we started exploring the possibility that he had IBD. Which I was hoping and praying he didnt have as it is very difficult to treat and get under control. I figured out that the protein (rabbit) in his food was too rich for him and he had a slight allergy to it (or so we think) i switched him to the chicken flavor and added these probiotics and he is totally back to normal. Steven and Ziggy both LOVE the probiotics and lick it up out of the bowl before I can even mix their food in! Kittens & diarrhea also go hand in hand. Every foster parent Ive spoken to has gone thru this with their kittens and they all said the same thing try adding probiotics. SUre enough it majorly helped get their tummys back on track!! Cant speak highly enough of this company. The best, purest ingrediants. No fillers! 

You can find Power Probiotics & more info about them at the following retailer:


9- CatBox Boutique Organic Wheatgrass Seeds $4.00- $7.50

My boys absolutley LOVE their grass!! Its chalk full of vitamins and minerals that are so good for them. While its been out around the house, my fosters just discovered "catgrass" and they wont stop munching on it. Its beyond cute watching them figure out how to eat it, but they got the hang of it! Try growing some for you kitty and watch them go nuts!

You can find Oragnic Wheatgrass Seeds at the following retailer:


10- Necoichi Raised Food Bowls $12.99-$16.99

I've always heard that raised feeders are better for mealtime. It puts your kitty into prime eating position that allows them to eat and digest their food. My boys love these feeders. they literally wont eat out of anything but them! Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and sturdy bowls. They wont tip over when your kitty is eating out of them. This company also makes really great 300 mL water bowls. I have a couple placed thru out my house to remind them to drink their water!! 

You can find these Raised Food Bwols at the following retailer: